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There are few resources for women today wondering about egg donation. Here is a chronicle of my egg donation being performed in June 2014.

livinginastorybook asked: Hey, would you mind posting out this ask. I'm working for a newly established company that's looking for egg donors with full to partial asian ethnicity. We're willing to pay 10-15,000 as compensation.


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This is what my belly looks like now that I have significant growth in follicles and my ovaries are swelling.

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June 9 - Day 9 (Ganirelix)

So I took the Ganirelix shot this morning. It’s true what they say about it having a dull needle. Didn’t hurt to push in, but I definitely did have to push (the other needles just slide in). The puncture point was sore immediately after injection, so I put ice on it for about 20 minutes. Now I feel fine!

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June 8 - Day 8 

Boyfriend came with me to the clinic today. I had a different ultrasound tech who let me see the screen and explained the follicle/ovary thing to me. I assumed follicles were like tendrils coming off the ovary - nope! little round globules that are supposed to contain eggs in them.

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June 6 - Blood Drawing

Got more blood drawn this morning, and an ultrasound. Blood tech had to double puncture, my veins are up and done with getting blood drawn from them.

Ultrasound was fine, the tech said my follicles are continuing to grow, and that I had more than I did on Wednesday. I’ll find out this afternoon if I need to add more drugs to my nightly concoction.

Boyfriend and I are going to the Philharmonic tonight. We discovered student tickets, so we’ve been culturing ourselves. I keep biking places, but I’m not sure I can do that anymore. Nurse said I shouldn’t exercise after the first handful of days.

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Day 5 - Menopur Part 2

Honestly, I’m not feeling a lot from these drugs. I had one hotflash my second night with Follistim, but other than that, nothing is having an effect. Not even the doxycycline!

Menopur is fun to mix, but definitely daunting. I worry about messing the mixture up and ruining this whole procedure.

I know my lack of response to the meds is very unusual. But I’m not complaining!

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Day 4 - first blood check

I got my blood checked for the first time this morning. I also received a sonogram. I asked the technician if my ovaries were growing - she said not yet, but my follicles had started to grow. Weird!

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Day 3

Boyfriend likes giving me my shot, so he gave me my shot again tonight.

I don’t feel any different; it is weird to know that things inside me ARE different, and I can’t feel the change happening.

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Day 2 - Hormones!

Last night boyfriend gave me my first shot of Follistim. We watched the instructional videos at to remind me, and show him exactly what we’re going to be injecting into my body, and how we inject it. The little Follistim pen package makes the injection kind of fun.

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June 1 - the drugs begin!

I am sitting at my desk after just taking my first Doxycycline tab. This is an antibiotic prescribed to both donors and recipients that will prevent any bacterial infections (STIs are the target) from being transmitted during extraction and implantation.

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May 29 - Hormone Mixology Class
Today I went to the fertility clinic and had my blood drawn again. They rechecked drugs and blood diseases, because the FDA requires that be checked within 30 days of donation, and I had my blood done 2 months ago. Read more
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March 23 - Psychologist’s Appointment & Blood Drawn

I went to the psychologist a week after getting a blood test for drugs and diseases, as well as a PAP smear for vaginal infections. Both a potential donor and recipient families have to visit with a psychologist who reviews their mental health and capacity for donation or child rearing.

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March 15 - First appointment.

I had my first appointment at the fertility clinic. The purpose of this appointment was to test for my viability as a donor, basically making sure I didn’t have any sexual diseases and was not a drug user. I met with the coordinating nurse who ran me through the schedule for donation.

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November 2013 - Applying to be a donor

In November of 2013, I applied to an agency to become a donor. A would-be donor can apply to a fertility clinic, a hospital, or an agency in order to donate her eggs. Donor agencies are external, non affiliated databases of donors that include photos, personal history, and medical records of approved donors.

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